K-12 Resources

  • Antiquity for Kids is a site developed by Nancy Sultan, Illinois Wesleyan, with links to a useful resources for school teachers.

  • LatinTeach is a web site maintained by Sharon Kazmierski and specifically geared towards Latin teachers. It includes archives of the Latinteach discussion list as well as teaching guides, lesson plan ideas and projects, links to websites owned by Latinteach participants and extensive links to Classics sites, reviews of textbooks, and other material of interest to Latin teachers.

  • Latin and Homeric Greek Language Vocabulary Software (grades 4-12) is a series of shareware vocabulary games for K-12.

  • The Rome Project is a collection of resources for the study of Rome compiled by Dr. Neil Goldberg, Archaeologist in Residence at the Dalton School. The site is divided into sections (Literature, Military, Archaeology, Political, Philosophy, Drama, Religion) that contain links to a large number of resources.