Course Materials

  • Donald J. Mastronarde's Ancient Greek Tutorials site offers tutorials suitable for anyone beginning the study of ancient Greek. The site offers drills to accentuation, pronunciation, principal parts and vocabulary.

  • A number of programs created by Matt Neuburg to accompany the JACT Cambridge textbook "Reading Greek" are available for downloading.

  • Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University maintained by Claude Pavur. It contains accelaration readers, grammar and vocabulary handouts, pedagogical ideas and links to other resources.

  • SCRIBA is a computer program to accompany and enhance use of the Oxford Latin Course, Part I.

  • ACL SOFTWARE DIRECTORY for the CLASSICS on the WEB This is a condensed version of the listings contained in the "Software Directory for the Classics" which is compiled and written by Rob Latousek and published in its complete 120-page form by the American Classical League. The directory is intended to be a comprehensive listing of publicly available software materials for instruction, research, and productivity with specific applications Latin and Greek languages, classical civilization, etymology, authoring systems, videodiscs, wordprocessors and fonts, text-on-disk and text-searching utilities. The site also includes a Directory of Publishers & Distributors Directory with contact information and direct e-mail or Web links where available.

  • The Online Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin, a grammatical glossary and vocabulary lists, sample quizzes, RealAudio files to Wheelock's Self-Help Tutorials, and additional readings maintained by Prof. Dale Grote.