This section lists major meta-sites that maintain extensive lists of electronic publications and other resources and offer links to such services. If you are looking for general information or do not have the specific address or way to access a certain site, you may want to start your search from one of the following "gateways."
  • The On-Line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics has been produced and maintained by Janice Siegel since 2000. The site has gone through several reincarnations and has most recently been converted into a searchable, relational database housed at Hampden-Sydney College. Topics covered include Roman and Greek history, philosophy, religion, mythology, culture, art, archaeology, language and literature in the original Latin or Greek as well as in translation, and its reception, influence and study in ages subsequent to antiquity.

  • KIRKE is an extensive and very-well organized catalog of Internet resources maintained by Ulrich Schmitzer (Erlangen, Germany). It provides links to just about every site related to Greek and Latin literature, history and archaelogy, including links to Classics departments around the world.

  • Alcove 9: An Annotated List of Reference Websites The Library of Congress Classics Resources Page offers links to sites related to Classical and Medieval History. Resources.

  • The University of Chicago Library Guide offers an extensive list of sites of interest to Classicists.

  • "Voice of the Shuttle": A Humanities Home Page contains information and extensive links to Internet resources for the Humanities in general (including Classics).