TLG Canon of Authors and Works

Generic Epithets

Generic epithets are categories attached to authors' names in order to link authors to the kinds of literary activity in which they are primarily engaged.

For example:

For the most part, author epithets are consistent with traditional usage in literary histories, biographical dictionaries, lexica and commentaries. Epithets are cited in abbreviated form without regard for distinction on gender or number (Click here to see a list of all generic epithets used in the TLG spelled out in their masculine singular form only).

In the case of polymathic and prolific authors, when no single epithet can be expected to encompass all their literary works, the Canon makes no attempt to reflect every possibility. In such cases, general epithets such as Phil(osophus) or Polyhist(or) have often be used.

All Generic Epithets are listed in a table in the Search By Author page. You can identify all authors defined by a particular epithet and search the TLG by this particular category. Please note that occasionally more than one epithet may be required to define an author, therefore, you may need to select more than one epithet in order to complete your search.


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