TLG Canon of Authors and Works

Dates in the Canon

Date information is another way to search the TLGTM. Dates are also displayed beneath the Author's name when one performs a Canon Search. Arabic numerals in cardinal form indicate the century of an author's floruit. Information regarding dates is drawn from a variety of sources, including the standard lexica, biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias, and literary histories, as well as modern publications that address specific chronological problems.

A dash between numerals indicates that the author's floruit spans the two centuries. When only a terminus ante quem or terminus post quem is discernible, or at least logically to be assumed, this is indicated by the word "ante" or "post." Question marks have been used with dates that are considered problematical. When it is simply impossible to suggest a date, the term Incertum has been used. Users need to make a note of these conventions in formulating their search by date.


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