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Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Greek Village
Ismini Test

This is a test page meant to show you how various characters will appear if you have the Greek font properly installed in your system. Ismini is a freeware font created by Nikos Goulandris for the Macintosh. It is also available for X Windows

Test characters

The following characters may or may not be displayed properly; you can check here whether your installed font deals well with them.
Digamma V
Capital Digamma *V
Lunate Sigma s
Capital Lunate Sigma S
Keraia «
'Lightning-bolt' koppa #1
Stigma #2
Koppa #3
Alternate Stigma #4
Sampi #5
Low keraia #22
Capital Upsilon diaeresis Ž
Capital Iota diaeresis 
Rho with smooth breathing w
Capital alpha with iota adscript Ai
Capital alpha with acute
Under-dot a?
Missing letter dot !


This text should have an overbar.
This text should have an underline.
This text should be expanded.
This text should be condensed.
This text should be in small caps.

This is how your browser renders the beginning of the Iliad in HTML 4: 1.1.1.

M¶nin Òeide ue PhlhÝŒdev |Axil¶oq (1)
o»lomªnhn, ô myr¼' |AxaioÁq Òlge' Ôuhke,
pollq d' ýfu¼moyq cyxq =AÝdi pro‚acen
ïrÃvn, a»toåq dâ ãlÃria te xe k´nessin
oývnoÁs¼ te púsi, Di¯q d' ¨tele¼eto boylü,  (5)
¨j oÈ dî t pr©ta diastüthn ¨r¼sante
|Atre‚dhq te Ònaj ½ndr©n kaç dÁoq |Axille´q.
   T¼q tŒr sfve ue©n Ôridi jynªhke mŒxesuai;
Lhto q kaç Di¯q yð¿q? Û gr basil¶Ý xolvueçq

Created: 2000-2-14
Last Modified: 2001-8-2