A Guide to using the Online TLG®

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Greek Fonts

Before you begin using this site, please make sure you have one of the supported polytonic Greek fonts installed in your computer. You do not need a Greek font to search the TLG® Canon bibliographies but you do need a Greek font in order to view the texts in Greek. A list of Greek fonts and information how to purchase them or download them is provided in this document.

Default Settings:

The system allows you to set your default settings (this option is not available in the trial version), e.g. the display font of your choice, how many results per page you wish to view at a time, how many lines of context, etc. Institutional users need to establish an account and login in order to take advantage of this feature.

Once you specify your preferences, these settings become part of your TLG account and will apply every time you login until you change them. You can change one or all of your settings at any time during a session by checking the appropriate box. If you wish to change your default settings for all your future sessions, you need to follow the link to the default settings page which is located at the right hand corner of each page and save your new selections.

Search the TLG

The TLG® site allows you to search the TLG textual and bibliographical materials. You may begin your search from the Canon of  Greek Authors and Works (TLG Canon) or go directly to the texts (TLG Texts).

We recommend beginning your search from the Canon if you are interested in a particular author or ancient work;  or you wish to limit your search to a preselected group of authors or genre, historical period, or geographical location. We recommend a text search if you wish to search the entire TLG® corpus. In either case, your can always begin and change your search using the sidebar links.

Technical Documentation and notes:

Technical Notes

Created: April 9, 2001

Authored by Nishad Prakash
Modified: March 12, 2009
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