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Lower Half Square Brackets

These brackets are used in some papyrological texts to indicate the (literary) text has been restored by comparison to the known text quoted (Bidez & Drachmann 1938:19).

However, they are frequently used idiosyncratically, according to the needs of the editor:

In Clemens Romanus et Clementina Theol., Homiliae [Sp.] (1271 006) they indicate hard to read text.

In Didymus Gramm., In Demosthenem (1312 003) and Scholia in Hesiodum, Scholia in opera et dies (scholia vetera) (5025 001) they indicate text restored from an alternative source.

In Melito Apol., De pascha (1495 001), Epimerismi, Epimerismi Homerici (5004 001) and Scholia in Lucianum, Scholia in Lucianum (5029 001) they indicate text missing from a major manuscript witness.

In Eusebius Scr. Eccl. et Theol., Commentarius in Isaiam (2018 019) they indicate scholia in both scholastic witnesses.

In Hesychius Lexicogr., Lexicon ($*A--*O&) (4085 002) they indicate the extent of a particular manuscript reading in the text.

In Scholia in Aristophanem, Scholia in nubes (scholia recentiora Eustathii, Thomae Magistri et Triclinii) (5014 005) they indicate scribal interpolation.