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Welcome to the Abridged Online TLG®

The abridged version of the Online TLG® is open to the public without subscription. It provides searching and browsing of a selection of TLG texts with all the features of the TLG® search engine.

This particular site provides access to a number of works from authors such as Homer, Hesiod, Plato, Aristotle, the Greek tragedians and orators that have traditionally been used in college level instruction of Greek. Realizing that small undergraduate programs in Classics may not be able to subscribe to the full version of the TLG, we have included in this subcorpus a representative selection of texts that will satisfy the needs of students and non-experts wishing to study Greek. In addition, this site contains editions that have been replaced by newer or different ones. For example, the full TLG includes Sophocles's text based on the 1992 Lloyd-Jones and Wilson edition while the Abridged version offers the same text based on the 1957 Dain and Mazon edition. By separating the two texts users have access to both variations but are not burdened with duplicate results.

The Abridged version also includes a large number of patristic texts (over 600) from Migne's Patrologia Graeca.

To view Greek, please make sure a polytonic Greek font is installed in your system and selected in the preferences of your browser. Click here to read about or to download Greek fonts.

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